Ducky Deathly's
Commission Information

Business Inquiries: [email protected]

Status: OPEN

If you would like to pay via a different way, please let me know as you inquire.

I currently have a slot system in place with a maximum of 8 slots.
To check slot availability and work queue, please visit my Trello page!

By commissioning me you are agreeing to the TOS

SKETCH: $20 (U.S.D)

+ $5 - Full Body
+$10 - Each Additional Character
+$10 - Scenic/Complex Background
If you would like to add color to your sketch:+$8 - Flat Color
+$10 - Shaded


LINEART: $35 (U.S.D)

+ $10 - Full Body
+$12 - Each Additional Character
+$12 - Scenic/Complex Background



+ $12 - Full Body
+$12 - Each Additional Character
+$12 - Scenic/Complex Background


SHADED: $45 (U.S.D)

+ $12 - Full Body
+$15 - Each Additional Character
+$15 - Scenic/Complex Background


$40 - $45+ (U.S.D)

Princing will depend on the contents/complexity of the piece+ $10 - Full Body
+$10 - Each Additional Character
+$10 - Scenic/Complex Background



In addition to flat-rate pricing, I am also open to hourly rates for larger, long-term projects.
I use the program TopTracker to track hours during work sessions.

If you are looking for pricing related to my Twitch/YouTube profile artwork,
check out the commission info within this DeviantArt journal.
It will be added to this page at a later time.
Twitch has recently revamped how profiles look so I will
need to familiarize myself with the required dimensions first.


- Pieces that include detailed backgrounds, somewhat detailed armor/mecha, a certain degree of blood/gore, and any pieces that will overall include more detail/complexity than my usual work will cost extra
(approximately +$8 - $10+)
- There has been a recent policy change in my Terms of Service. I am now open to doing work that includes pin-up/semi-nude/artistic nudity. However, I am still not open to NSFW (sexually explicit) and Fetish/Kink commissions. Ask for details!- There is a slot system in place. Please check slot availability beforehand!- Please be specific with your commissions!
Provide as many reference/specifications as you can
(but let me have artistic license/freedom!)
- I am willing to do minor corrections especially if any mistakes were made on my part or important details may have been missed, but please be mindful of the number of corrections that I may be asked to do.- The full-body charge applies mainly to characters that are mostly humanoid.
If the character(s) is a creature that is not humanoid, the charge may not apply.
- Your commission will be drawn in my normal art style. If there is an alternate style that I've done or if you believe I can replicate another style, let me know!- I'm open to both digital and traditional commissions, though digital is preferred.
Digital commissions will be completed faster than traditional requests.
The prices for either one will generally be the same.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my commission info!I look forward to doing business with you!